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Xinxiang Jinyu Filter Industry Co., Ltd. is a factory manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience in air compressor filter element manufacturing. Therse is a new filter manufacturer with the theme of “green environmental protection and pollution-free”. The company’s products are suitable for: Fu Sheng, Ingersoll-Rand, Atlas, CompAir, Liuzhou Fidelity, Zhengli Precision, Schneider, Unites, Matai, Ai can, God Gang, Hitachi and many other brand compressor. This product is widely used in electric power, petroleum, pharmaceutical, machinery, chemical industry, metallurgy, transportation, environmental protection and other fields. Our company organically combines the exquisite high-tech in Germany with the production base in Asia to create a highly efficient filtering Chinese core!


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  • Introduction to the composition material of air compressor filter element – Fiberglass

    Fiberglass is a kind of inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance, a wide variety of advantages are good insulation, strong heat resistance, good corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, but the disadvantage is brittle, poor wear resistance. The main raw materials of glass...

  • Characteristics of screw compressor

    Screw compressor classification is divided into: fully enclosed, semi-enclosed, open type screw compressor. As a kind of rotary refrigeration compressor, screw compressor has the characteristics of both piston type and power type (speed type). 1), compared with reciprocating piston refrigeration ...

  • Introduction to Dust Filter Bag

    Dust filter bag is a device used to filter dust, its main role is to capture fine dust particles in the air, so that it is deposited on the surface of the filter bag, and keep the air clean. Dust filter bags are widely used in various industries, such as cement, steel, chemical, mining, building ...